Friday, January 19, 1990

I don't even know how I'm coping right now...

Have you ever lived through a personal tragedy? A tragedy so crippling that the initial news of it brings you to your knees? Seven days ago, I received some of the worst news I could have potentially received at that point in my life. Things were going so well... Applications were proceeding to schools, friends and loved ones were generally healthy and happy. Financial comfort, or at least consistency. And then this! A week later, I remain glued here, morbid, weeping big, salty tears at the untimely extinguishing of one of the last few flames that brought light to my otherwise dark and dreary outlook.

There are few things I can take joy in in this life of pain and hatred. A connection with family and G-D, hard work and decent grades, friends to share the solitude of existence with, and mindless entertainment in the forms of video games and television...

I lost one of those last few rays of light last week, and I had taken the week to mourn. I would respect the shiva and wait seven days until I chose to move on, but the seven days have come and gone and I remain bitter and empty. Where is my happiness? When shall it return?

Why did you leave us so soon, Arrested Development? Did we not appreciate you enough? Did our lack of viewership not justify your large budget? If I could go back, and do it all over again, I would speak out for you. Call your name 0ut in the crowds and make people aware of your situation. Make people aware of the Bluths and their problems. Well, your in a better place now I suppose... I hope syndication is all they say it is. I will pray for you every day and I know I'll nsee you again someday; that they'll be airing you in heaven.

Goodbye Arrested Development. Goodbye.

( This was posted on Friday, Nov. 18, 2005)


At 7:05 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said...

Arrested Development AND the Big Lebowski?


You rock!

Oh, and Monty Python too.


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