Wednesday, January 03, 1990

The philosophy of sleeping:

I woke up this morning and really didn't know why. I mean, I really really love to sleep. Now I know about shacharis and sof zman this and plag ha'that and shkia and what-not, but the point remains: I really love sleeping. And then I wondered why, because it seems to me, that I only get the enjoyment of sleep when I'm awake. So what is it that I really like? Is it the satisfaction of knowing that I got a bagel on friday night? Maybe its the subconscious concept of not having to talk to anybody for hours at a time, or do homework, or accomplish ANYTHING honestly. I think the idea that the people in my dreams are always funnier, classier, sexier, friendlier versions of actual real-life people could have something to do with it, but maybe I just dont any of the right people. Is it that I feel more refreshed when I'm awake after Ive had a better sleep? But its the sleeping itself that I love. Getting in bed... Staying in bed... never leaving bed. That doesn't carry over to waking up fully rested. So what is it about sleep? The theme that keeps popping up, again and again through all of my analases: not being awake. Why are we satisfied with longer amounts of sleep? Less time spent awake! Why do we refuse to get out of bed without being physically pulled out by our moms and/or dads? Less time spent out there! So why do we only get into bed at 2 or 3 in the AM at the earliest? I have no idea!


At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Aaron B. said...

In regards to the last question posed, I would like to quote the author himself:

"you can sleep when you're dead"

-Xvi, June 2000

While sleep does rule, some young energetic high-schoolers can feel like there's so much to do and not so much time in which to do it.... (like beating that leader on Final Fantasy)


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