Wednesday, January 17, 1990

So I was lamenting my lack of a portable media player this afternoon, when I just started drifting back to my first CD player.

See, this must have been about... 10 years ago now. I don't really know if that was late, early, or just on time to have gotten a CD player but I certainly do remember thinking it was really similar to the record player we had in the basement. Not because of the spinning disc, but because of the absolute lack skip protection. I always walked on tiptoes, slowly and deliberately, when I had my first discman on. People always thought I was trying to surprise or rob someone but all I wanted was for the Spice Girls to sound steady. I really enjoyed that CD player though, if even for its own sake.

I realize that at the time there was no practical reason to have a CD player. This was before ANY skip protection technology had been created or even before decent lasting batteries were in effect. I could have about 5 hours of jerky Hanson before I had to recharge. This, mind you, was in preference to cassettes.

Some of you may not remember cassettes. You should put the weed down. Its only been like 10 years. Cassettes were those little, plastic music thingys that apparently worked on magnet-strip something-or-another. I was reading about it and frankly, it sounded much more technologically advanced then CD's but what do I know? Anyway, these cassettes were virtually skipproof. You could have an old, sony walkman and actually dance with it, massive, foamy headphones and all, and not a single skip. The sound quality was average, they were stackable and most importantly, if you held down the FF button (>>) about half-way it would play really fast and sound all "Alvin-and-the-Chipmunksy." Not only that, but they made music pirating that much easier. Lawsuits? Please! I "ripped" my music right off the radio. I still go back and listen to those old Weird Al classics that I dubbed from my classmates without any fear of legal come-uppance. Those were the days.

Then of course, everyone had to switch to CD's. These things scratch, they skip, they get lost, they crack, they melt/bubble and they glint sun into your eyes. Why we switched I may never know, but we did none the less. So what did I do? I switched too. Spent all that money to reget all those classic ChumbaWumba and Billie Myers CD's so that just 3-6 years later the technology could already start to become obsolete. Before I knew it, the digital media revolution was upon me.

Now you may not know or remember this, but I had one of the very first MP3 players in existence. I won it accidentally from a radio contest in like 11th grade or something.

Booker: KRock.

Me: Hey man, can I request some Pennywise?

Booker: Kid... You won!

Me: Won? Huh? Won what?

Booker: You spaz, you're caller 92. You won an MP3 player.

Me: An empee what now?

Booker: Dorkface... whats your address?

The point is, I had no idea what an MP3 player was at the time. No one did. It took me a while to figure out even after I got the thing (which, by the way, held 56 Mb of memory and retailed at $299. That's like 1/8 of an iPod shuffle at 3X the price).

That being said, I still don't have any decent digital media player, I don't know why I haven't bought one and I don't remember why I started this post. I honestly don't remember what my original point was going to be, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna go back to the top to look. I refuse to edit this thing. Maybe I'll spellcheck. Later.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger Leo said...

LOL! Funny post. There was a problem with cassetes though, the tape would get stuck in the wheelie thingy and get all chewed.


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