Monday, January 01, 1990

So I've decided that this blog in general will be a window into who I am, as told through what I like. A series of tributes to my favorite people, places and things to help you and I understand me better. Some topics to expect: More on Ketchup... video games, British humor, redheads, roadkill, wireless internet in the bathroom, leftovers, any food that once had a face (except fish...), Dr. Seuss and/or the muppets, Frank Sinatra, etc...

Hopefully this will focus you (me) into what the essence of me truly is, one corporeal enjoyment at a time. Or at least make for enetertaining reading for the high/overtired readers.

P.S. Im not actually expecting any readers... If you're here, I understand it was an accident. Feel free to leave.


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