Monday, January 08, 1990

So, what in the hell is earth science?

remember earth science? You probably took it in eighth or ninth grade, before you even knew how to spell psyence, forget about understanding it. I cant believe they tried to pimp this stuff off as legitimate to young kids who wouldn't be able to stand up for he real sciences. Had I been in an earth science class in, say, 12th grade, would I have amicably participated? Hell no! Dew point? Moh's Scale of mineral hardness? What is this garbage.

so what brought this to mind? I was talking to someone in college today when their geology test came up. Now, as a man of science I started pondering the hierarchical placement in the "science" totem poll. Clearly physics is the great originator, dictating all rules of natural existence. A second step would be chemistry discussing the physics of the atoms and subatomic particles, the quarks, mesons, muons, taus and such, and potentially even the strings (crap theory... But well see). Branching further is organic chemistry, the "white-supremacy" of sciences only dealing with the chemistry pertaining to living systems (those cocky animated objects) which then leads to biology, which is basically organic chemistry without any of the scientific reasoning. So where the heck is geology? Which area of science branches off into the study of rock strata and garbage of that sort? And then I remembered earth science.

it was at this point that I realized that all sciences are doomed to collapse so long as they remain associated with earth science. In legitimizing earth science as a distinct entity, one receiving even its OWN REGENT!, all things labeled science are now open to enquiry. The facts of yesterday are merely the hypotheses of today and the scams of tomorrow. Jump ship while you can, true sciences. Leave the state, take a new name, come back in a few years when we are ready for you again. You have been ruined.


At 8:17 PM, Blogger FrankieJo Ellis said...

As for your catagoritization of the sciences, hmmm, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything, so I'll be kind. Chemistry is not the catagory for discussing the physics of atoms, subatomic particles, quarks, mesons, muons, taus, or string theory. That branch of science is quantum physics. Einstein's Theory of Relativity/Special Relativity. Chemistry is the mixing of one element with other elements to create yet another. Also, Chemistry is the science of how elements react and combine with each other.


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