Monday, January 15, 1990

What the heck is a metrosexual anyway?

Now, I know I'm two years behind the trend. Im not asking this as if I just heard the word yesterday. I just really wanna know what the heck a metro is. Because it cant mean what I think it means.

Now, if I'm to understand, metro means gay in every way but orientation. A metro acts, dresses and behaves like a gay dude. He shops at express, he spends a half hour on his hair in the morning, he just doesn't stick his *ahem* into another guys ::cough::

But can that truly be the definition? Consider this: I have been referred to as metrosexual.


Color-blind, messy-haired, fat Xvi has been called metrosexual. I barely bathe and I eat with my fingers. Clearly there is a definitional problem here.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have this sort of title bestowed upon me. To be told that I actually dress well, or smell decent; who could ask for anything more? But I just don't think that one should throw the word "metro" around so loosely as if it didn't have a specific definition. Granted, I wear pink shirts, but does that satisfy the metro requirements? I also celebrate kwanza... Does that make me black? No! I'm just a wannabe.

The problem then, is the overuse of labels. We like to use terms instead of descriptives when we talk about people, so that we can lump those we don't identify with into groups, making them easier to hate. Instead of having to deal with that person's unique point of views, we label them into a pre-biased group so that we can conveniently ignore them on that simple basis. For example, not all republicans hate Muslims, not all French are assholes and just because someone's religion is absolute bulls**t, that doesn't automatically mean they are Mormon. It is just as likely that they are Christians, Buddhists or wiccans. We must learn to open up. Accept every person for their personal flaws, not their group flaws.

That's what I learnt from being metro.


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo man. Seacrest is like so totaly gay. dont even call him metrosexual man. peace.


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