Monday, November 28, 2005

Why in G-D's holy name can I not get off facebook?

Its enough. I know these people. I see them on a daily basis. The others... The ones that I don't; I don't need to see their floating faces (or pictures of things they find silly so as to endear us to them on a false pretense of interestingness) in my "friends" column. I don't message their walls nor do they, mine. I don't use the facebook as an impetus to get in touch with them, to invite them over to my home or to even email me. So why do I find it so compelling, the facebook? How do I come to spend nearly as much time as I do on a seemingly nightly basis joining groups I sort-of identify with or making groups I sort-of identify with? Why do I think its funny to be a part of "Procrastinators unite... Tomorrow" when all the group is, is a name? Why do I network and buddy up to people I met once in class and now pretend that I'm chummy with? Or friends I haven't seen in a few years who I find in the friends list of other friends? Or "Benjamin Franklin" who has a picture of Benjamin Franklin up? WHY?

I think I've gone insane... more on that later.

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