Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I got some emails from the 4 or so people that read this thing asking why I hadnt posted recently and I got to wondering. This is fun, this little blog project of mine, so why AM I not posting?
Now, not to brag, but I consider myself to be fairly creative. Regardless, I should have enough floating around upstairs to come up with SOME random topic that I could write upon. But the more I concentrated the more I found myself empty. And so, I tried to think about the conditions I had been in the last time I wrote a post of substance. Maybe if I could replicate that situation i could see what got my juices flowing and recreate that situation for writing purposes. I then realized what the issue was. Im on vacation. Dont take that to mean that because Im on vacation I refuse to work. Quite the opposite. Rather, because I am on vacation I dont think about schoolwork and because I dont think about schoolwork I have no subconcious reason to procrastinate. This has been the source of my lazyness. A lack of lazyness. yay!
Fear not then, followers of Xvi, for another semester looms before us. A semester with harder coursework then this previous one. A semester of physics and biologies. Surely there will be much posting in the coming future.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


So I'm not really supposed to be on vacation yet, but apparently santa loves jewish kids this year because guess who aint working right now? Ok, so if the answer is me, thats no chidush to anything, but hooray for the transit authority strike either way.
Confused? lemme explain. So right now should technically be finals week. However, the city of NY is in utter chaos because the transit authrity which controls trains and buses is on strike. No transport for the peons and crazy traffic to the lucky ones with cars (unless your from jersey apparently). How is that affecting my finals? Well, because CUNY is so considerate to its students (to all those who missed the sarcasm, I swear... it was there!) they decided to postpone finals, pending the reassumption of city transport. That means that finals week has been pushed of until Monday, january 2. So I'm on vacation. "But Xvi," your probably asking, "dosent that just mean you have more time to study?" HA! No way am I borrowing vacation time to study. Im in a Cali state of mind.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Its funny how much we change sometimes and never realize it.

I was thinking about what I was like just a year ago and how much I've personally changed since then. Was I a happier person last year? Was I funnier and easier to be with? The answer to all those questions was a shocking yes, but that's for a different post entirely. One that will be posted on my much more anonymous site. ;)

But it got me thinking about change in general. We know that life is a succession of seconds, minutes, hours, days weeks and years but we never really see the implications of how, what seems like a short year or two, can change us into people that we wouldn't recognize back then. Similarly, I couldn't even imagine being the person I was two years ago.

I'll give you an example.

First, go back to about 7th grade for me. I didn't much listen to music, but I was profoundly against goyish music. I don't even know why I remember this, but I recall arguing against non-Jewish music for no particular reason whatsoever. I couldn't have even known better!

Anyway, flash forward a year or two and I'm listening to non-Jewish music. What got me into it? I don't remember at all, but here I am, 8th grade, listening to the spice girls. Shut up.

It was that time that I was a big z100 buff. I think it had something to do with that chumba wumba song but whatever. And one of the songs that happened to be in heavy rotation at the time was that Sugar Ray song called "fly" about how he just wants to fly. Deep. So I bought the CD. Disastrous. As it turned out, Sugar Ray was a heavy rock band at the time, and this fly song was the exception to the record. Of course they eventually sold-out completely and became a repetitive clone of their one hit, but that was later and not part of my current recollection. So anyway, I'm young, I listen to pop radio and I have this Sugar Ray CD that I hate. It goes into the back of the collection.

Flash forward two years and now I'm listening to 92.3 K rock. I've got a nine inch nails collection and I've burned my spice girls CD's at the altar to Satan. I'm going back through my old albums one day when, lo and behold, I come across my old Sugar Ray CD. I put it on out of curiosity and DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNN!!!! I love it! Heavy rotation.

Forward another two, to eleventh grade and now I'm all heavy in the underground punk and ska movement. If I wasn't Jewish Id have a pierced eyebrow, 2tone b&w wingtips, and a porkpie hat. Sugar Ray? How could I listen to sugar ray? They don't have a significant political agenda! Besides man, they totally sold out. Those republican, money-loving pigs!

Shoot to today, not even a full 2 years after I completely left the punk/ska thing behind and I'm voting republican, wearing button-down shirts and preppie sweaters, applying to med schools and listening to Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Its weird how we change...

Its weirder what got me thinking about it too. I was going through my closet and I found my old HASC sweatshirt from summer '02. Its maroon. My summer '03 is hunter green... But two years ago I thought these things totally rocked. I loved the colors. Id wear them daily. I looked great in them. Now I look at it and wonder who thought maroon was a normal color... Efrem.

I don't know why I gave the same story twice, with the sugar ray cd and the sweatshirt. Its the same metaphor really... The point is: its interesting, funny, nostalgic but often also very sad to look back. Maybe your a better person, maybe not. Sometimes though its worth listening to the old sugar ray CD to remember how things were when you were a different person. Maybe we can learn lessons from ourselves?

Maybe med school, express-wearing Xvi can learn something from Ace-of-Base listening, generic-brand Xvi? Maybe were not always perfect, even when we think we are.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I've been a pretty good student, I would say... I always do my work, I'm an A student if not occasionally A-, and I always seem to know exactly how much time I need to get something done. I've taken and done well on physicses and Organic chemistries 1 & 2, come out on top after 18 credit semesters and taken a freaking MCAT, so why am I having so much difficulty with a 12 credit semester that has no science? I've got a theory.

Call me maniacal, but I dont think I'm capable of taking it easy. It becomes all invasive. I give a finger, it bites me off at the elbow.

Here's an example of what my day would have been like before the summer...

3:15 AM: go to sleep

8:00 AM: first alarm goes off behind my bed. I slam the snooze button.

8:02 AM: Second alarm goes off on my phone accross the room. Get up, cross room, turn off phone, cross room again, get in bed, sleep.

8:03 AM: Third alarm goes off on phone accross the room. Get up, turn off alarm, take phone back to bed, fall asleep with phone in hand.

8:05 AM: Final phone alarm about to go off. Detect buzzing and turn it off before it even makes a sound. Continue sleeping.

8:05 AM continued: Alarm behind bed goes off again. Chuck it accross room. Sleep.

8:15 AM: Wake up ultra-panicky. Realize I overslept. Fly out of bed, into shower.

8:35 AM: get to shacharis late. Not to bad. G-D forgives me (?)

8:53 AM: Leave shacharis after ashrei-oovah l'tzion.

8:56 AM: get home, eat 1 bowl Raisin Bran Crunch (extra milk cuz its yummy at the end), wash face, comb hair, pack bag, watch 3 minutes of lousy morning movie on comedy central starring Judge Reinhold.

9:15 AM: Leave house, drive to college (15 minute walk away) look for parking.

9:50 AM: Find parking, run the 3 blocks from parking spot to school, get coffee from DirtyWater CoffeeMan outside of the gates. Run to class.

9:54 AM: sneak into lecture that began at 9:25.

10:40 AM: lecture ends. go to LaGuardia to look over notes, revise. read textbook for upcoming lecture.

11:40 AM: gonna put my head down... for... just... one... seco................

12:18 PM: wake up, wipe drool from face and run to 12:15 class. Teacher hasnt come yet. get laughed at for red spot on forehead.

1:30 PM: class lets out. go to cafeteria. daven Mincha. get lunch.

2:00 PM: go to recitation. physics/orgo (depends on the day) professor no speaka good engrish. bored. make origami frogs out of the little 8 X 5 papers from my punsy notebook.

2:45 PM: go to lab. get confused. break something. get a new one. repeat.

5:15 PM: leave lab half asleep. go to cafeteria. talk to jews. get a cranberry muffin and a diet sierra mist. breathe a little.

6:10 PM: go to evening psych class. flirt with married jewish girls (93% of the psych majors). correct professor a few times. learn about some new disorder I am sure I have.

8:20-8:40 PM: get out, go home. eat dinner. watch some South Park.

9:15 PM: maariv

9:30 PM: turn on computer. ignore people on AIM. space out for a few minutes.

9:45 PM: study chemistry/physics/orgo for about an hour. fix up lab report. read unassigned chapters in the psych book. Write essay for various english-based class.

11:30 PM: get on elyptical trainer. watch futurama on [ADULT SWIM].

12:00 AM: 45 second shower.

12:00:45 AM: talk to friends online/phone. check emails. surf for random craziness from stumbleupon.com

12:45 AM: Read newspaper.

1:00 AM: Read recreationaly, listen to music, drink tea, get mellow.

2:00 AM: watch same episode of futurama as was on at 11:30 PM

2:30 AM: watch family guy

3:00 AM: set various alarms. lay out clothes for the morning rush. get in bed. read book til I pass out. See top of page.

As you can see, the day is ordered. I know when I'm doing, what Ive got to be doing and how much time I have to do it. I may not be Mr. Organized, but I get the job done. Not too much wasted time. Not too much down time. Not too much sleep time.

Then it happened: I took the MCAT.

I wont detail the summer and how I killed myself for the hours and hours of studying a day, but suffice it to say, I was a different man. When I finished that test I vowed to never work hard again, and it seems to have happened.

Firstly, Im not taking any sciences this semester. Secondly, Im only taking 12 credits. Thirdly, Im not working. So thats three strikes. Younb think Id be able to get my work done in a timely manner, be worry-free and have plenty of Xvi time. Guess again. Ive never been so depressed about school in my life and Ive never struggled through a semester nearly as badly as this one. Allow me to demonstrate a typical day this semester.

4:oo-5:00 AM: get to sleep.

sometime between 9:00 and 11:00 AM: wake up grumbly, tired, pissed. Shower, shacharis, etc...

9:30 - 11:30 AM: Get to college. go to library. start/complete whatever is due in 20 minutes.

11:50 AM: go to cafeteria. get cappuccino. read college paper.

12:20 PM: go to 12:15 class. hand in paper. leave early.

1:00 - 3:00 PM: hang out in cafeteria/hillel. mincha. do nothing. talk to Harek or Greeny or Mordy or Shil or TipsyIpsy or Zeebs or Dovi or Josh or Ezra or assorted other jews.

3:00 PM: Leave college.

3:15 PM: get to yeshiva 15 minutes late.

4:45 PM: leave yeshiva 15 minutes early. walk back to college.

5:00 PM: go back to cafeteria. get another cappucino. shmooze more with motley crew mentioned above plus others.

6:15 PM: attend evening lecture.

7:30 PM: skip out early. go home.

7:45 PM: eat dinner. watch game show network/random TV.

9:15 PM: maariv

9:30 PM: turn on computer. almost start 5 page paper but talk to someone online instead.

10:00 PM: almost start paper. read Dina's blog instead. laugh at Moshiak. comment.

10:10 PM: almost start paper. make phone call.

10:40 PM: start paper. work for 15 minutes.

10:55 PM: stop working. make tea. watch Futurama/Family Guy/ Harvey Birdman.

12:30 AM: almost resume work on paper. check out facebook. make a new group.

12:50 AM: almost resume paper. play two tournaments of poker with play chips instead.

1:15 AM: almost resume paper. go to greeny's house instead. say hi. come home.

1:40 AM: resume paper. do half-assed work while playing nanaca crash and watching badger badger badger videos.

2:00 AM: stop working. blog about how I cant get any work done, or how I am out of rants...

2:30 AM: freak out about having done about 45 minutes of schoolwork all day. push off applications/emails/parking tix payment til tomorow. do another 10 minutes work.

2:42 AM: decide youll finish this tomorow also. watch the Colbert report. smirk at his snarky, tongue-in-cheek humor.

3:00 AM: check facebook and/or play poker and/or other online activities.

3:30 AM: read book in bed.

4:00 - 5:00 AM: fall asleep, pissed and depressed about having done nothing all day.

Maybe that sounds weird to you, but its been a lousy semester of doing nothing during the week and going on poorly-planned shidduch dates on the weekend. Hate me all you want but Im kind of looking forward to a 15 credit semester with crazy sciences and long study hours. Im looking forward to going to work and making some money. I need a vacation from this nothingness.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I lost a massive source of entertainment today...

They say "you don't know what you've got until you lose it," and they are right. In his own wisdom of which I wont question, CK closed the forum on the current state of our messiahness. Deeming the comments no longer entertaining and seemingly being worried that someone may actually accept this redundant, broken record of a non-philosophy as real, the discussion at jewlicious.com on whom the messiah is, but mostly isn't was closed today. This saddens me. I had gotten some real kicks hearing the man whom claimed to be the messiah openly confess to not knowing anything about Judaism, not speaking a word of Hebrew and not caring if his "subjects" are Jewish or not. I couldn't even tell if he believed in G-D or not and that's a pretty important clause when claiming to be the priori of the sons and daughters of Abraham. But that's closed now, the conversations I once found so amusing finding censorship from the uncensored. What now? Who can I take my frustrations out on now? Its like being the bully and having every nerd of your highschool class moving to another city. Whose stupidity can I pick apart in a cynical and snarky manner? Hopefully Dina will continue to host the Friar's Club Roast of the Messiah. Otherwise I'm gonna have to pick a fight with some neo-Nazis. Until then....

Monday, December 05, 2005

So I was in my foreign language class today, English 2 (this is an entirely different rant, but English 2, as a required course generally has a very small percentage of actual english speakers resulting in 1) Cultural mixing, making me a more well rounded person overall and 2) the damn easiest A+ you could possibly do no work for) When some girls ringer went off in class. The song that happened to be playing was that wonderful new dance track about laffy taffy, penned by those musical wunderkint D4L. Now, for some reason this ellicited some sort of chuckle from most of the class leaving me in confusion. Why was everyone laughing? Its a great song! I asked a guy next to me what was so funny to which he gave me a perplexed look, so I asked the girl on my other side, as I knew that she spoke English. She told me that, apparently, this laffy taffy song was funny because it contained some sort of sexual inuendo.


I know! Im so totally with you on this one. We have come to a point, as a society, where a man cant even tribute a song to his most favorite of candies without pop radio transforming it into some sort of anthem for debauchery. I, for one, cannot stand for this. First they rape the blissful poetry of AC/DC's ode to ballroom dancing and high-society party, stealing its inocence away. Next they distort the true meaning of the Bloodhound Gang's catalogue. Now my laffy taffy song must go too? NO! Laffy taffy is too good for you to ruin with your euphamisms. i will show you! Lets analyze the song line by line:

Gurl shake dat laffy taffy Dat laffy taffy
Shake dat laffy taffy Dat laffy taffy
Gurl shake dat laffy taffy Dat laffy taffy
Dat laffy taffy (candy gurl) Dat laffy taffy
Just a new dance crazy. Much like shaking a polaroid picture, the laffy taffy is clearly the new "it" thing to shake among young, urban women.
I'm lookin fa Mrs. Bubble Gum
I'm Mr. Chik-O-Stick
I wanna (dun dun dunt) (oh)
Cuz you so thick
Gurlz call me Jolly Rancher (Oh)
Cuz I stay so hard
You can suck me for a long time(Oh my god!)
Clearly candy cares to spend time with other candies of its type. The boy candy cares to meet the girl candy for a fun game of chutes and ladders or something of that nature. And as anyone who has ever sucked on a jolly rancher can attest, they do indeed stay hard.
Gurl dis ain't no dance flo'
Dis a candy sto'
And I'm really geeked up
And I got mo' dro
Here, the narrator specifically mentions that there will be no hanky-pankying occuring here. This is a candy store! The dro reference is a bit obscure to me. I only understand it to mean weed... but clearly that cant be it. Comments are welcome as to the definition of "dro" in a candy-shop setting.
I pop, I roll It's soft I know
It's da summer time But yo laffy taffy got me froze (oh)
Laffy Taffy as the awesomest candies ever are eaten by the "cool" or "froze" kids year round. It may be da summer time but its ALWAYS laffy taffy season.
Gone get loose (oh) Gone get low (oh)
don't be shy Hoe, I'm Faybo? (oh)
I kno' you wanna ride You a star and it shows
(What's happening? What's up? What's up? Let's go, let's go, let's go)
Here he refers to his chewing method. he gets loose ( a pre-chewing jaw stretch is just the thing) then he gets low (lowering of the jaw, in masticative preparation). Then he says some stuff I honestly dont understand...
close yo mouth and dont say shit
bend on ova and hit a split
work dat pole and work it well
stacks on deck, yo ankles swell
gurl let me touch ya, i will neva tell
security gaurd dont scare nobody
damn right i touched dat ho'
all da money just hit da flo
Ok... so i was wrong. Still.
Did they have to do that to laffy taffy? Why couldnt they sexualize, like, Alexander the Grapes or something. He's a hottie, and nobody actually eats those.
Stupid D4L.

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