Friday, March 03, 2006

So, The Pragmatician was talking about the olympics and how he dosent get what the fuss is all about. He also was talking about elementary and high school discussions on sports and how he had nothing to do with it. Well, I sympathise with that, being a massive couch potato myself from a very early age. I had very little nothing to do with sports during my early school years, although Ive come to appreciate football a bit in my later years. I did wanna say a bit about the olympics though.

Sports is what we watch most of the time. Its the local basketball games and the football and hockey games that have no particular meaning, that are repetitive and that are played much too frequently for anyone to care. Those are commercial endeavors and they are used to bring money to team holders and stars. They create a celebrity lifestyle for the players and so it is not too different then reality TV, its just geared more torwrads men.

Sport on the otherhand is eternal. Its is the struggle of man vs. man and nation vs. nation under rule regulation. It is a celebration of strength, intelligence and grace. It can exist as a sort of pride for nations as they can be represented by their "barbarians." Sport has existed as long as man and competition has and is a healthy expression of personal or national tension. This particular exhibit of sport, the olympics is the ultimate display of sport. It accepts all recognized nations and allows them to compete for dominance on a global scale. When else can Micronesia or Turkministan truly be represented as a powerhouse? Not in the UN.

The olympics are not an American event. They are a global spectacle and a beacon of pride for many countries that do not necesarily have the power... or the weekly/daily sports, of the world superpowers. That is why they have lasted so long and that is what the draw is till today.


At 3:56 AM, Blogger Pragmatician said...

Thanks for elaborating on my post, it's an interesting insight, I never thought about sports and the Olympics in this light.


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