Monday, January 23, 2006

This is my 30th post now and as this is some sort of milestone (it is, after all, a round number thats is divisible by 1,2,3,5,6,10 and 15. thats gotta be pretty significant) I wanna get blogselfish. I decided that I want to join a powerBlog. Thats right, I want to lend my talent and credibility to a team of equally or slightly-less talented writers posting their opinions for the world to see.

My qualifications? I dont post that often... Im usually wrong even when Im very opinionated otherwise... Im not that good a writer... I dont spellcheck...

Well, the point is that a powerBlog would be the better way to showcase my particular form of writting. I dont have to worry about gaps of time between my postings as other bloggers will be filling it with their own pearls of wit and wisdom. Anybody wanna join? Itl be awesome! We can have a theme, and email ideas to each other and have a blog-based slumber party!

Waddya say?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just wanted to share a hilarrious story with you guys. It happened over three years ago but I was retelling it to someone tonight and just had to post it. I just hope it translates well on paper.

So I'm in Eilat durring sukkot break and me and two of the three guys I was there with decide we want to head out on the casino boat for the night. Gambling is fun and all, but more importantly, there is free alcohol. So we head out to the piers where the ship departs from (an international waters thing, I think) and go to the office to sign up for tickets. The ticketeer (word? sp?) dosent speak english well so I break my teeth on Ivrit to try to get us through. She takes my New York drivers license, examines it and copies the indormation onto the boarding pass. One thing to note is that I had to point out where the name was... an indication of her lack of English skills. She then takes my friends license, he's from Baltimore, and copies his information. She then takes the third guys pass and is gonna copy his info when she calls me over.

"It is the same name" she attempts.

"Hem achim." I respond. They are brothers.

She gives me a dubious look, checks the guys out, notices the uncanny resemblance and processes his ticket.

We grab our boarding passes and run for the dock. I forgot to mention that departure time is 9:00PM and its like 9:05. When we get to the security check, the guy looks at my ticket, looks at my license, looks at my face, looks through my bag and lets me through. Then my friend, David, gets up. He looks at his license, looks at his ticket, looks at his license again and again at his ticket and tells him to step to the side. Now were worried, but not really. Eli, David's brother, goes up and hands him his license and ticket. He looks at the ticket, looks at Eli and asks, "what is your name?"


"This not say Eli..."

We look at Eli's ticket and sure enough in the space provided for name it reads "Drivers License." Same as David's.

We didnt make it onto the boat but its a great story.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

This post was inspired by Dina's ( ) ((I'd link it through the word "Dina" but I dunno how...)) post on scars so I dont want anyone thinking I'm stealing ideas here or starting memes. Stupid laffy taffy...

So Im in camp munk like 10 years ago and were in the middle of a baseball game. Im stuck out in center, but like deep out. Anyway someone obviously made a call that someone else didnt like because the entire infield is conferring on the mound. Rather then coe in to see what all the fuss is about I stay out in deep center. Anyway, me and the leftefielder (Yanky S.) decide to be intelligent and have a rock catch. We were using baseball gloves of course. At first all is good. We chuck a few back and forth and shoot the breeze. Then someone (probably me) decides to throw some high ones. Yanky throws this really high one and i run under it, but lose it in the sun glare. BOOM! smack down on my face. So i reach up to see if i smacked anything and my hand comes down all bloody. Now, it feels like it hit my nose, so i reach up to my nose with the other hand and that one comes bloody too. So i grab some leaves, plug my nose and tell my counselor I have a nosebleed and need to go to the bunk. He looks at me funny, says I should go to the infirmary but I dont listen and go back to the bunk. I get to the bunk, take out the leaves and they are clean. Now im confused so i look in the mirror and see this massive gash on my upper lip. To test it out, I check if I can get my tongue through it and, lo and behold, I can! So I go to the infirmary, leave camp for the night and get the stitches. I still, to this day, swear that I got it in a knitting needle fight with my brother.

P.S. the scar is awesome cuz it looks like an underlined X so I say its my initial and I had it done by a pro.

My others car isnt as cool. I was kneeling at the lockers in the top floor room of YTT (the lockers in that particular room are stacked, with one row on top f the other) when my classmate (David B.) opens his locker into my forehead. yay. I went to the office, but they dont have any of those big bandages so they gave me a big gauze patch and I held it in place while the secretary wrapped gauze around my head to hold it. I took a cab home and my mom nearly freaked cuz I looked like I had massive brain trauma from the gauze headdress. It was funny.

P.S. the gauze part is true, but the story of how I got that scar is entirely made up. Its almost infinitely more embarassing then my rock-scar story so dont even ask me to tell it. It goes to the grave with me and anyone else who was at the lockers at that particular moment in time :P

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